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Dear Instructor,

The handy Conceptual Chemistry Instructor's Resource DVD (IR-DVD-rom) is no longer available. Instead, you can access instructor resources by setting up an online account with my publisher, Pearson. You can do so by contacting your local Pearson sales representative, who can be reached by clicking here. You can also access these resources by contacting me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Once I know who you are, I can share the latest updated files with you directly through a shared DropBox folder. This includes the instructor's manual, PowerPoints lecture slides, clickers, textbook images, the test bank, and more.

Mostly, I would like to set up a "customized course" for you at my new site, Conceptual Academy. Through such a course, all of my online resources (excluding the textbook itself) are organized around your class schedule from one semester to the next. It's an amazing system for both traditional on-campus classes (in support of a flipped model) and also for fully online classes.

If you are willing and able to have your students register ($30) for this customized course, PLEASE SEND ME A RECENT CLASS SCHEDULE, also sometimes known as a "syllabus", showing what chapter sections you cover on each class date and the dates of major exams, excluding the final. With this schedule I can set up a customized course for you fairly quickly. This includes hundreds of tutorials, worksheets, chapter summaries, and quizzes all organized by your actual class schedule each semester. Scores from the quizzes you can upload to your main LMS, such as Canvas or D2L.

Regarding that $30, to be sustainable and to develop further, Conceptual Academy needs to be supported by the students who make use of this resource. Free online educational resources can be wonderful, but for any resource of decent quality, some one some where is paying the price, be it a philanthropic billionaire, a governmental grant, or a well-established publisher. Conceptual Academy was developed independent of all of these and is dependent upon a model whereby each student pays an affordable amount for great value receive. For high schools, an affordable site license is also negotiable. Please contact me!

There are also a number of "instructor only" resources still posted here at ConceptualChemistry.com. This includes:

• Quick Exams

(For those times you need quality, pre-formatted exam or quiz questions in a pinch.)

• Student-Centered Learning Activities

(Collaborative activities that will enliven your students during class.)

• Clicker Questions

(These are the End-of-Chapter RATs in a PowerPoint clicker format.)

• Answers to Video Check Questions

(Answers to all questions appearing at the end of each online video lesson.)

• Third Edition to Fourth (Fifth) Edition Correlation of Contents

(CC3e chapter sections are correlated to where they appear in CC4e/CC5e )

• Textbook Solutions

(Solutions to all questions that appear at the end of each chapter.)

• Suggested Course Syllabi

(A guide for which chapter sections to cover under different course scenarios.)

Upon confirmation of your identity, I will send you a username and password that will permit you to log onto this website as a registered instructor, which will allow you special access to the above resources and new ones as they appear.

Thank you much for your interest in Conceptual Chemistry. I look forward to hearing from you.

Good chemistry to you!

John Suchocki


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Contact John

Dear Instructor,

Please write to me at John@ConceptualChemistry.com with any questions or concerns you may have about this website or about Conceptual Chemistry in general. I would look forward to hearing from you and I do my best to respond promptly.

Good chemistry to you!