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Dear Home School,

Thank you for considering Conceptual Chemistry as the science curriculum for your students. I have recently launched a new website that should be of significant interest to you. Please visit ConceptualAcademy.com where you will find customized self-study courses created and directed by myself. Throughout each course I provide worksheets, chapter summaries, and my personal comments and advice about the content. Each course is divided into units and each unit leads to a unit exam containing questions from the exams I give to my college students. And instructions are given on how to implement these exams using the innovative pyramid testing format, which turns the exam into a learning experience as much as a tool for assessment. Each class within the course also comes with automatically generated and scored quizzes and the results are kept in the student's personal grade book.

Please take a careful look at Conceptual Academy. It's a significant upgrade from this website, which, I would like to add, was an important stepping stone. If you like what you see here at ConceptualChemistry.com, you will be astounded by what you find at Conceptual Academy. It's been a very exciting development.

Meanwhile, I will leave the content of these pages in tact. What you read here also applies to Conceptual Academy. Thank you for this consideration.

Good chemistry,

John Suchocki

25 August 2014


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The benefits of using Conceptual Chemistry are itemized in the menu shown to the right. Before reviewing these benefits, however, you should have an understanding of the nature of this program.

About Conceptual Chemistry
The Conceptual Chemistry textbook and its many supplements are used primarily for college courses designed to meet the needs of students majoring in a field other than science. The main focus of this curriculum is to help the student build a strong foundation in the basic concepts of chemistry, which are presented in the context of our daily lives. The Conceptual Chemistry curriculum has also become popular among high schools where it is used for mid-level chemistry courses and often as a prerequisite to AP chemistry.


The recently published 5th edition textbook is a significant upgrade from previous editions. For a detailed description of Conceptual Chemistry’s teaching philosophy and changes made for the 5th edition please read the textbook “frontmatter”, which can be downloaded by clicking the following link:

Conceptual Chemistry, 5e, Table of Contents (pdf, 10.7 MB)

This website was designed and is maintained by the author of Conceptual Chemistry as a means of supporting users of the 5th as well as the 4th edition textbooks. The centerpiece of this website are the tutorial video lessons, which are, in essence, a talking textbook. This website also houses numerous other resources, such as the practice page worksheets, chapter summaries, special topics essays, and a set of instructor-only resources, such as exams, teaching tips, and suggested syllabi.

A full package of supplements is also available from the textbook publisher, Prentice-Hall. This includes a lab manual, an activity manual, the Chemistry Place online tutorial, the Conceptual Chemistry test bank, the instructor’s manual, and an instructor-only multimedia DVD-rom.



Cooperative Games

We endorse the good folks at CooperativeGames.com where you will find a variety of family-oriented "cooperative" board games and other products that foster the spirit of cooperation.

Physical Science

If you're looking for a homeschool program in physical science, please consider the Conceptual Physical Science—Explorations Alive! DVD set along with its recently published companion textbook Conceptual Physical Science Explorations, 2e.

Conceptual Physical Science—Explorations Alive! is a DVD compilation of videos from Conceptual Physics Alive! by Paul Hewitt and Conceptual Chemistry Alive! by John Suchocki. Also included is a collection of animations, videos, and voice-overs that highlight dramatic aspects of earth science and astronomy featuring co-author Leslie Hewitt. The complete set includes 10 DVDs containing over 24 hours of video. Discs are also available individually.