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Welcome to Conceptual Chemistry Alive!

The rich content of this site has recently been developed even further and posted on a new site, which is Conceptual Academy. Please visit Conceptual Academy where you will find hundreds of video tutorials, quizzes, worksheets, and much more all organized around each of our "conceptual" textbooks, including Conceptual Chemistry, Conceptual Physics, Conceptual Physical Science and others.

The textbook is where students can read. Conceptual Academy is where students can watch and listen. The textbook and Conceptual Academy thus complement each other introducing the ideas of science to a broader range of learning styles.

Click on the photo shown below to view a music video montage of video tutorials we have to offer. This is a montage selected from a library of about 200 tutorials. This library has now grown to about 500 tutorials covering topics from physics, chemistry, earth science, and astronomy, now all hosted at Conceptual Academy. Please visit!

Click on this photo for music video montage.

Instructors, please contact John directly about setting up a customized course your for students at Conceptual Academy. In such a course, all of our resources are organized around your class schedule for each semester. This includes our tutorials as well as automatically generated and graded reading and video quizzes, the scores of which you can import to your main LMS, such as Canvas or D2L.

The Conceptual Chemistry curriculum is becoming increasingly popular with home schools. For those students we highly recommend the "self-study" courses now posted at Conceptual Academy. To learn more of how this curriculum fits within a home school setting, you should explore the home school area of this website.

This older site, ConceptualChemistry.com, will remain active until Summer 2015 to honor students already registered at this site.


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